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Retro Cars Exposition
An exposition of 100 retro cars is a unique feature of “Quadrat” business center.
Corporate canteen
A spacious canteen for 92 seats has a stylish, moderate interior. Lunch for the tenants of the business center are served by the major corporate canteen operator. A wide range of meals, top quality fresh products and diversity of tastes are available for the tenants on a daily basis.

A small, cozy cafe will create comfortable, intimate atmosphere for those wishing to have an informal meeting with colleagues or taking a work break over a cup of coffee with a dessert.

Coffeeport is a large selection of fresh sweets for every taste, aromatic coffee and delicate desserts. Excellent menu presentation and interior design, which is perfectly styled to provide guests with an atmosphere of calm and comfort.
“Good News” is the specialized mini-market for those who urgently need a chocolate bar, a juice or a snack.