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21 November
The opening ceremony of "Kvadrat" business center has taken place
The opening ceremony of "Kvadrat" business center took place in Vereiskaya street, 11, on the 16th of November 2017. Representatives of international and Russian consulting companies, involved in real estate business, as well as members of press were among guests of the ceremony.

"Prime Property Management" company, providing the owner of the building with comprehensive services in marketing, commercial premises lease and management of "Kvadrat" business center, gathered the experts of real estate market to deliver a detailed speech to the representatives of the professional community on the advantages of the building, its technical specifications and, also, to conduct an introductory tour of "Kvadrat" business center.

The official ceremony started with the greeting speech, delivered by Mikhail Shmonov, Head of Marketing and Leasing at "Prime Property Management" company. In his introductory speech, he mentioned that "Kvadrat" had been first planned as a "pragmatic" business center, comprising "A" class office space, commercial premises and an important retro cars display, occupying an area of more than 3 500 square meters on the ground floor. The building has been titled simply and clearly — "Kvadrat", and has two brand colors: black and white, and a moderate lobby interior. Being decentralized, the business center is still located in a prestigious, eco-friendly district, allowing final customers to find a "new home" in a modern facility, fully corresponding with requirements of a high-class office building.